Trish works mostly in a brief-orientated way. This stems from the conviction that people have the resources and capacity within themselves to instigate and maintain whatever changes they need to implement in their lives. Her aim is to help them get rid of any blocks that may be in the way and to find new and more liberating ways of seeing themselves and their lives.Trish works with individuals, couples and larger groups – often the work starts with an individual and other people may be invited in to the sessions as the client sees fit. Sessions are an hour long, confidential (except where there is a risk to the life of the client or others), and further sessions are planned in conjunction with the client(s).

The issues worked with cover the full range of life problems from:

  • stress
  • relationship difficulties
  • depression
  • eating/alcohol/self-harm disorders

More information on Psychotherapy can be found by going to the ICP website.

Therapy sessions are held in Trish’s rooms off Dartry Rd. in Dublin 6, close to the Milltown Luas stop.

Couples Counselling

  • Do you spend too much time in conflict?
  • Has an affair damaged your relationship?
  • Are you arguing about money?
  • Has the transition to parenthood floored you?
  • Have you simply lost interest in each other?
  • Is your sex life unsatisfying?
  • Is your partner spending hours on the internet and ignoring you?

Many of these problems can seem insurmountable in a relationship but they can be addressed through counselling and many people go on to have happy and fulfilling relationships.

Trish works with couples in individual and/or joint sessions according to their specific needs.
There is no set number of sessions but the aim is to reach resolution in as brief at time as possible. The average course for couples in crisis in 6-8 sessions but this varies hugely.

Student Counselling


Trish has a long association with the Social Studies Department in UCD and she regularly lectures and tutors on their Masters courses.

Trish spent many years  lecturing on the Master’s of Social science course – in Human Behaviour and Systemic and she has also supervised dissertations and organised and monitored social work placements for the Masters student



She also has a long association with the Student Counselling Department of Trinity College Dublin and regularly assists with this excellent service to students.