A Quick Introduction

Trish is a Psychotherapist and the director of student counselling services in Trinity College Dublin. Her special area of interest is psychosexual therapy. Trish writes a weekly column for the Irish Times and is a regular guest on radio and other media. She has published two books: ‘The Challenge of Retirement’ in 2014 and ‘#Love Relationships in the 21st Century’ in 2016.


Having worked since 1984 in the corporate environment as a teacher and trainer, Stress management, Sensitivity, Assertiveness and Priority Management training are just a few of the courses Trish is qualified to assist your staff with.
Trish can work through relationship issues with couples or as individuals. Many issues can seem insurmountable when living with relationship difficulties but with counselling many couples go on to lead happy lives together. Get in touch with Trish today.
Psychosexual Therapy

Trish is qualified to work with a range of emotional and mental issues, from stress or depression to relationship difficulties. Working in a brief orientated fashion Trish believes every individual has the tools within themselves to make significant changes for good in their lives.

#LOVE: 21st Century Relationships

How do we find enduring love? Can we separate our own sense of well-being and success from that of a relationship? Can we learn from our mistakes and past blunders? What are the traps and pitfalls in today’s relationships? How does technology affect the modern couple? This practical book deals with all these subjects, and more. Written by an experienced couples therapist with years of experience dealing with various relationship issues, '#Love 21st Century Relationships' is the perfect guide to the modern relationship. Taking into account the unique circumstances of the modern dating scene, it deals with finding, keeping and creating lasting love in the era of social media. With practical guides to help during times of trouble, such as how to have a good fight, this book guides the reader through the pitfalls to attain a stronger, healthier and more loving relationship.

You can purchase Love 21st Century Relationships from Mercier Press, available here.

The Challenge of Retirement

At the end of a working life, we all hope to enjoy our retirement, but many people find it difficult to adjust to a life after work. Building on her twenty years of experience running courses on preparing for retirement and redundancy, psychotherapist Trish Murphy understands the challenges of entering this new phase of life. More and more, retiring individuals and couples find that the focus of their attention is on not ‘putting up’ with the way things were but with demanding better lives and relationships and ‘living fully’.

An engaging and necessary guidebook for this important stage of life, The Challenge of Retirement focuses on the psychological aspects of retirement, addressing such issues as:

  • Managing relationships
  • Sexuality
  • Mental health
  • Self-care
  • Intergenerational living

As we are all living longer, the messy business of life goes on – as does the need to develop skills and approaches to meet new and difficult challenges